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How can I add a business to Vibrant? 
The right to add businesses on Vibrant is not exclusive to business owners. Customers can add businesses on the network. Learn how to add business to Vibrant:

  • From the Vibrant homepage, look to the right mid-page and click “Register Your business"
  • On the new page, fill all the details requested in the form. (Name of business, individual and location)  
  • Click on ‘Register’ 
  • Add description: Tell the world about your business or service
  • Add an image or video
  • Set privacy. Choose if you want your business to be publicly listed or not. Note: Choosing to make your list public will help your potential customers discover easier.
  • Add businesses. Type the name of a business and the Vibrant engine autocompletes with a list of businesses that relate to what you've typed so far.
  • Publish your profile:

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